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Ode to the hole-in-the-wall pizza joint

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Yesterday I had a yen for a decent slice of pizza.  Not a whole pizza, just a slice, and nothing insane like the Chicago-style casserole-like deep dish monstrosity.  My car pointed south to the most recent decent slice I’ve had here in SW Florida- Napoli on the Bay in the old Crayton Cove part of Naples.

Every time I come here I see droves of locals.  At noon the place is filled with construction teams and business people, later in the afternoon waiters and waitresses from nearby restaurants trickle in for a pre-shift slice.

The pizza is thin-crusted and highly portable. On offer yesterday:  cheese, veggie, pepperoni, and sausage.  Of course that varies as the day goes on.  I got cheese, because as I mentioned I was feeling a little simple.  Rosario (my incredibly picky Calabrian husband) got a veggie, then a pepperoni, and a P

eroni, and a bag of chips.  Our bill was a very off-season-in-a-recession friendly $15.77.  And the pizza?  Exactly what I wanted: a crispy crust with

a perfectly even  distribution of cheese over a thin splash of sauce.  Another bonus, Ro liked it too.  There is a huge assortment of sodas and other non-alcoholic drinks as well as beer by the bottle. There are also some of those single-serving 187ml bottles of wine for those feeling adventurous.   The seating is totally basic, and the fountain for sodas is self-serve, yet oddly placed behind the ice-cream counter which appears to be universally ignored by the clientele.  The menu is expansive with the typical Italian specialties from veal parmigiano to baked ziti.  But I always stick with the pizza.  Definitely worth the drive.



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  1. on the must do list for July!


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