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Carnivore heaven found in Naples

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People like to call Naples and Fort Myers a small town, and it gets even smaller off-season.  But any place is a small town if you go to the right places- and apparently I did the other day when I rolled into Martin Fierro Restaurant on Radio Road.  It’s a tiny hole-in-the-strip mall kind of place next to a gas station and far removed from the usual commercial buzz that would attract a passer-by.  I’d heard about this place a long time ago, went to find it once but couldn’t locate it.  Then, spontaneously over a glass of wine a group of friends decided to convoy south.  Completely camouflaged into the nameless, slightly run down strip malls of forgotten Florida roadways, it’s easy to see how I missed the place on my first attempt.  So imagine my surprise when upon entering we see a table full of friends wrapping up a convivial feast.  

We air-kissed hellos, discussed what’s good to order, and settled in to be dazzled, and dazzled we were.  Martin Fierro puts out some incredible  Argentinian and Uruguayan food.  We startted with chicken empanadas (excellent flavor) then ordered the mixed churrasco which involved a little grill loaded with chicken, shirt steak, and house-made sausage which was ridiculously good.  The chimichurri was fresh and only added to the rich combination of flavors grilling on our table.  The whole experience was a sensory delight capped only by the dulce de leche crepes.

Best of all if you love the sausage as much as I did, you can always go to their neighboring butcher shop/deli and take some home for unbeatable grilling.  Martin Fierro Restaurant is located at 6002-04 Radio Road in Naples.  (take Livingston to the southern end, and hang a left on Radio. It’s on the right.)  Don’t look at the web site if you are even slightly hungry because the photos might make you eat your computer.



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I am a graduate of the University of Gastronomic Sciences Master's Graduate who writes about food, wine, and all things enjoyable. I worked in the wine industry for a decade, and in a prior life was a television journalist. Currently I write a wine column for the Fort Myers News-Press and am regularly published in regional and national magazines.

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  1. Love the blog! (Though the photograph of the carnivorous offerings at Martin Fierro sadly offended my vegetarian sensibilities.)


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