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The man who made the cheese starring as Foodaloo’s new background

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So, there we were, a class of 23 students from 11 countries on a field trip to Germany to study food, culture, etc.  One of our “stage” experiences had to be to a non-latin based country (i.e. not Spain, France, Italy, or any of the European countries with famously good food)  so we ended up going to Germany.  No one was more peeved about the selection than the German in our class, but there we were, in a bus chugging over the countryside learning all we could about sauerkraut, sausages, Riesling, and beer.  It helped that our tour guide was named Peter Peter and he had a pervy way about him that made him hilarious (we found out he was not in fact a pumpkin-eater after a few beers at the Erdinger factory).  One of our learning experiences took us up a ski lift to a small cheese producer’s place on a mountain.  The German version of a remote cheese-maker hermit shack of, of course neat as a pin with meticulously stacked firewood and not a speck of dust.  The cheese was good, but not exceptional.  I likes his fresh soft-rinded cheese better than the more photogenic aged cheese gracing the backdrop of Foodaloo this week.  Yet, the most memorable part of this trip up a mountain to visit the hermit cheese maker was not the cheese or the stunning surroundings. It was how the man dressed.

He is the cheese man in the Daisy Dukes.  No, not the guy in the lederhosen and backpack, that would make sense.  No, our cheese man paired his daisy dukes with the pony-hide birkenstocks.




I remember the cheese, the trip, and the breathtaking view.  And I might have forgotten this fabulous ensemble had I not borrowed my friend Lisa’s camera for the whole year.  Stumbling over these photos today I thought it high time we look back and laugh.  She could use a laugh right about now and since I don’t think cheese man has internet way up in them thar hills, I don’t feel too bad  giggling at his awe-inspiring fashion sense.






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