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A Word on Food Profiling

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There has been a decades-long battle cry of the dieters urging us to say no to white foods.  No flour, no pasta, no white bread, no potatoes, nothing.  Well, I say the persecution needs to end.  Just because something’s white doesn’t mean it’s bad.  Just like people, all colors should be included in daily life.  Sure there are bad white people, especially when taken in excess (Donald Trump, Glen Beck) but there are good white people out there too (the uber-patient lady on Super Nanny, Jack Hanna, my grandma*).  I mean, what about egg-whites?  Dieters love those!  And cauliflower?  It’s white, and while in excess it will lose you many a friend for the odors you will surely emit, cauliflower and its cruciferous brethren have excellent anti-cancer properties.  Many fabulous cheeses are white or off-white.  In moderation they are good for the soul if not the bones.

And while on topic, can we stop trying to modify things that are traditionally white to become brown?  Whole wheat pasta will never get my backing; it tastes weird and the texture just isn’t right, no matter how hard people try to convince me otherwise. Hell no, I won’t go.  It’s like trying to make meat-like things out of vegetable products.  Those who desperately want to believe may persuade themselves into enjoying tofurkey, but the rest of us (those with taste buds) know that it is an experiment gone bad and something not to be ingested.

Anyway, back to the point…..stop bringing down the white foods.  They aren’t bad.  Gluttony is bad.


*it took me a full five minutes to come up with these examples of the good whities.  Any suggestions to round out the list are welcomed.



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I am a graduate of the University of Gastronomic Sciences Master's Graduate who writes about food, wine, and all things enjoyable. I worked in the wine industry for a decade, and in a prior life was a television journalist. Currently I write a wine column for the Fort Myers News-Press and am regularly published in regional and national magazines.

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